Aid for Africa

While 1GDA’s primary focus is evangelism and winning souls in Africa through live crusades in May 2020, we are also including a large humanitarian aid aspect.

So how does this work exactly?

The Breakdown:

A. The Song

We are currently in the process of creating a song in the style of We Are the World, which was written in the mid 80s and raised 63 million dollars for Africa at the time. Our plan is to use today’s top Christian and country artists to write and record an original song and generate even more interest and donations. Please note that while we are using a similar model, we are not affiliated with the creators or singers of We Are the World.

B. The Organizations

We are very carefully hand picking reputable, nonprofit organizations that are currently working in Africa and partnering with them to distribute 100% of what is raised through the song. Each organization is categorized into one of eleven groups:

  1. Water Wells
  2. Orphanages and Children’s Homes
  3. Disaster Relief
  4. Education and School Building
  5. Medical Aid and Hospital Building
  6. Shoe Donations
  7. Food Distribution
  8. Bible Translation
  9. Anti-human Trafficking Efforts
  10. Youth Empowerment Programs
  11. Women’s Empowerment Programs

We are still looking for more organizations and ministries to partner with and fill some of these categories. If you are working with a nonprofit in Africa and would like to be involved, please contact us for more information about partnering.

C. The Effect

Everything we do is thoroughly vetted and our goals and intentions are always in line with Christian values such as honesty, integrity, and respect. We fully understand that even with the best intentions, aid can sometimes have unforeseen, negative effects. We are selecting partners that work closely with the local communities and take every effort to negate these effects and ensure we are only helping, never hurting.